Boost VCI Rewards

Vinci Protocol will calculate VCI reward based on the voting power (veVCI balance) and lending and borrowing ETH amount in a pool.
Reward Earning Weight represents the final ETH amount involved in the reward calculation, referring to Curve's boost reward formula, which is calculated as follows:
W=Min.(accruedETH40%+totalAccruedETHvotingPowertotalVotingPower60%, accruedETH)W = Min.(accruedETH * 40\% + \frac {totalAccruedETH * votingPower}{totalVotingPower * 60\%},\ accruedETH)
accruedETH represents total lending and borrowing ETH amount of a single user in a pool.
accruedETH=lendETH0.2+borrowETH0.8accruedETH = lendETH * 0.2 + borrowETH * 0.8
totalAccruedETH represents total lending and borrowing ETH amount of all users in a pool.
votingPower is the veVCI balance of a user, totalVotingPower is the total amount of the veVCI token.
Reward Ratio=Earning WeightTotal Earning WeightReward\ Ratio = \frac{Earning\ Weight}{Total\ Earning\ Weight}
Reward ratio is the final factor that will be used to calculate your share of reward in a pool.
Boost Factor=Earning WeightaccruedETH40%Boost\ Factor = \frac{Earning\ Weight}{accruedETH * 40\%}
​Boost factor is a convenient parameter for evaluating how many times you will be rewarded if you lock your VCI tokens.